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What is New World and How to Use?

What is New World and How to Use?

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Amazon Games Orange County and published by Amazon Games. The game was previously scheduled to release in May 2020 and subsequently August 2021, but was delayed to its current date.

Set in the mid-seventeenth century, players colonize a fictional land modeled after the Americas. Unlike other MMORPGs, New World employs a buy-to-play business model instead of subscription. The game offers microtransactions in the form of skins. The players may form groups of up to five members, join one of three factions (Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant), use node resources, craft items, gain control over settlements, quest, explore the world, or fight other players or monsters.

Step-by-Step Guide How to New World

  1. Create a character
  2. Choose a faction
  3. Choose a weapon
  4. Choose a trade skill
  5. Explore the world
  6. Fight other players or monsters
  7. Craft items
  8. Gather resources
  9. Turn in quests
  10. Level up character
26 Oct 2021